You will never grow old in the elusive world of fashion if you can not offer anything out of the ordinary. Due to our strong personality and a verging on obsessive interest in clothing we have managed to survive both trends and generational shifts ever since 1978. This, combined with a constant search for new fashion brands that will manage to let pass through Hugo's eye of a needle. We said from the beginning that we would rather build a new relationship than a hundred stores. Hugo will always be Hugo, and that pledge we have kept. Our home has always been at the same address - S:t Eriksgatan 39 in Stockholm. You should have the same feel here, like old friends hanging out before they go out and do the town. Someone you want to come back to soon and spend time with again. A friend is always a friend.


Hugo Stockholm

S:t Eriksgatan 39                                           

112 34 Stockholm                                                   




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personal shopping

We may be a small corner shop, but we are holding a big heart and deep knowledge in terms of clothing and style, thanks to many long years in the fashion industry.
With a wide range of well known as well as small, unique brands, we offer you the opportunity to book an appointment for a personal meeting with one of our experienced employees.
Together we review your needs and help you to build or complement your wardrobe or perhaps create your wedding outfit, the choice is yours.
Would you like to be a group of two or more during the personal shopping session, it may be possible to arrange.
We are very eager about the outcome, your satisfaction is our goal.

Please fill in your inquiry with your desired date, time and amount of people, regarding an appointment for Personal Shopping and we will confirm as soon as we can.

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Made To Measure is the common term for clothing that is tailored according to meet your exact measurements. You choose the fabric and cut among several options, and then continues with inner lining, buttons, seams, ticket pockets, type of various kinds, and you even get the font on your initials sewn into the lining.

Thereafter our tailor Gaiola in Italy takes over. In the finest materials available, he tailors a perfectly made suit after your fit.

Gaiola have a reputation for making suits with a very close fit without compromising on quality or comfort. Compared to wear an ordinary clothing blazer this will open the door to a whole new world of comfort and style.

Another option is to get and Oscar Jacobson or Tiger of Sweden blazer/suit tailored in any of their available fabrics, a so-called Made To Order. The difference is that you can only adjust the length of the jacket, sleeves and pant.

Hugo's Made to Measure service offer includes shirts from Xacus, Rossi and Eton. Again, it is your very personal preferences that control, even here there are endless options.

Ask us, we will be just as happy every time we get the opportunity to talk about it.