There are usually four levels of dress codes to a wedding; Tailcoat, Tuxedo, Dark Suit and Jacket.



  • A tailcoat is always black or dark midnight blue, the trousers should have one or two side stripes of silk.
  • The jacket could have lapel made of silk and a velvet collar, the vest should be white and show two centimeters underneath the tailcoat.
  • Team with a white shirt with reinforced collar and chest.
  • A white bow is to prefer.
  • The outer garment should be black paired with a white silk scarf.
  • Finish off with black laced shoes or patent leather shoes with low heels.
  • A national dress may replace tailcoat.


  • The tuxedo should be black or midnight blue. Dark gray might be accepted in exceptional case. 
  • A white jacket may be used during summer occassions, if worn together with black pants.
  • The jacket could either be with or without chest pocket.
  • There are two different types of collars; pointed collar, which is the finer version to be worn with a waistcoat, and the shawl collar, which is in silk and looks like a blazer collar.
  • Wear a white shirt with black buttons.
  • If you have a jacket with a pointed collar, team with a shirt featuring a wing collar. Choose a shirt with narrow pleat and tuxedo collar if you decide to go with the shawl collar jacket.
  • Always use a black bow tie - you should therefore never match the colour of the woman's dress.
  • Finish off with a pair of black shoes, who necessarily don't need to be patent leather shoes.


  • Trousers and jacket in the same colour and material in dark blue, dark gray or black. Traditionally however the black suit has been reserved for funerals.
  • Try to avoid pin stripes and patterns since it lowers the level of the suit.
  • Choose a white shirt with a tie or a bow tie in any colour, but preferably in a subtle nuance.
  • If you choose a waistcoat, it can be coloured and / or patterned.
  • Dark socks and black slim shoes is preferred.


  • If you receive a wedding invitation with dress code Jacket it always means Dark suit.